Microsoft, Your Best Shot for a Dividend Stock

Investing in a tech company is not necessarily the easiest thing to do nowadays. To simply put it, there are just too many of those out in the open, all with varying degrees of potential and success.

With that in mind, it stands to reason that any investor would have their fair share of the doubt when facing a new tech-focused opportunity. Lucky for you, here we’ve got a company that will fulfill all your needs without bringing upon any second guesses.

With no further ado, here we present you with why you should invest in Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) today.

As of today, Microsoft is a leading force in paying dividends

First and foremost, Microsoft is the sort of company capable of surpassing any challenge it might set itself up to. 

Even when the Internet was just brand-new, and there was a lot of speculation regarding its potential impact on the business, Microsoft endured and came out of the entire ordeal with a bang. 

Such was Microsoft’s uprise during those times that it so happened to be the very first time the company managed to pay dividends to their shareholders. It has successfully increased its stock prices and dividends both at consistent rates and in desirable amounts from then on.

Fast-forward to September 2021, and Microsoft is now valued at $2.2 trillion. Furthermore, it has also succeeded in increasing its quarterly dividends by 11%, which by itself is an increase of last year’s 10% increase.

Similarly, Microsoft also comes as a great example of solid revenue growth and fast-growing profits. In conjunction with a recently announced share repurchase program, this gives us more than enough reason to expect a significant increase in cash return for the company. 

Which, in turn, also provides an excellent opportunity for cash return for its investors.

For further reference, Microsoft saw its fiscal 2021 ending with a yearly increase of 21% in revenue. That easily translates to $46.2 billion. Those levels of strength can’t be easily found elsewhere.